In a historical moment where everything has gone from mass production to custom made, EYE’M bursts into the eyewear scenario with an extraordinary innovation, achieved thanks to the collaboration with Sharebot 3D printers and with CIMsystem, an established software house.

Born from an idea of Dante Bietti and Piergiorgio Bonfanti, EYE’M makes use of a multidisciplinary team that has proven to be able to offer a product unmatched in its kind: a frame imagined and created by the customer that becomes the true and only protagonist of the creative process of his glasses. This brand new brand Made in Brianza revolutionizes the way of making frames by creating unique pieces and giving the customers the opportunity to feel unique and artist of their own look.

Eye'm Sharebot

Some Creations

Some frames made by Eye'm
Eye'm Blue
Eye'm Gray

One customer, one unique frame

The idea is, contrary to what the “tailor made” offered previously, a perfect realization that requires the contribution of experts during all stages of the process, from 3D scanning for the face study, followed by the modeling of the frame adapted to the anatomy of the customer. Thanks to the Personalyes software, created through collaboration with CIMsystem, the customer has the possibility to combine decorations, colors and shapes, all supervised by the optician to continue with the sending of the project / model to be printed on Sharebot Viking, a high-quality resin 3D printer. precision that allows to reproduce the models of the frames in the smallest details, guaranteeing a high quality product that can be easily post-processed.

Everything is then delivered into the hands of specialists who, during the finishing phase, smooth and uniform the glasses by hand, coloring and decorating them following the customer’s instructions. This completes the aesthetic parable dreamed of by EYE’M for anyone who wants a performing object, tailored and perfect in its singularity.

Eye'm, one customer, one unique frame
EYE'M & Sharebot

Sharebot & EYE’M

Sharebot, fundamental partner in the realization, accompanied and provided with its professionals all the printer know-how, the choice of the resin, testing different ones up to profile the most suitable one, guaranteeing a detailed answer to all support requests at all times. Thanks to Sharebot’s considerable experience in both the medical and engineering sectors, all the complex geometries and architectures required by EYE’M have proved to be achievable with Sharebot Viking, a printer that still guarantees the company a production tool that fully satisfy the customers.

Sharebot is a young and innovative company, with 4 different 3D printing technologies, the last of which is the metal 3d printing, with an R&D that is always updated and operational on the innovations that these modern technologies can offer. It boasts over 3,500 printers around the world including 160 in universities. It ranks among the first places in Europe and the only one on the continent with 4 3D printing technologies: filament, resin, thermoplastic and metal powders.