We couldn’t start this article without talking about the amazing victory of Tadej Pogačar at the Tour De France 2020, “La Grande Boucle” (The Great Circuit) with an excellence bicycle from Colnago with a splendid completely yellow frame, specially prepared for the Slovenian, captain of the UAE Team Emirates.

Tour De France 2020
Colnago Logo

Colnago, historical brand of Ernesto Colnago’s company, entrepreneur dominated by an unshakable passion for the two wheels and the desire to pursue perfection, in shapes and materials, createing models with increasingly ergonomics and very high precision. Always ahead of the times by studying anatomy and performance.

Crossing paths of great protagonists in the bud, starting from Motta to Merckx, he acquired collaborations of undisputed fame (from Ferrari to Mapei) and created unique models.
A precursor of the avant-garde of materials and technology, from 1954 to today he has never stopped innovating.

Colnago boasts models suitable for every specialty, from road bikes to e-bikes.

Colnago Frame

Sharebot was able to understand and recommend the printer best suited to Colnago’s needs, training and collaborating with the valuable dedicated R&D technical team and providing assistance aimed at achieving the goal.

Colnago Sharebot

Sharebot and 3D Printing for Colnago

Thus Davide Fumagalli, R&D Manager describes the advantages:

For this detail, the Sharebot Q printer was of vital support, because beyond the aspects of design and structure, which can also be easily defined in “virtual” terms, ergonomics is a fundamental point for a handlebar.

The ability to print in 1: 1 scale and try the assembly directly proved to be very important and allowed us to speed up the development cycle and above all to finalize and optimize the product without having to make expensive changes to the production molds.

The printing time was around 8-12 hours, this means that we were able to prototype the handlebars in the free-times between one day and the next, however without ever having waste prints, detachments or involuntary interruptions, which on particular so big (~ 350gr of pla) would have been a big waste of time and resources.

From a research carried out by ESP Consulting Group on TSSP Synoptic Data (Total Single Source Panel), it appears that 1,935,000 Italians ride and in addition we also have “a population” who watch and listen to the races on television. This therefore makes us understand how Italy, Sport and Cycling are a very important reality in the world overview of sports disciplines.

Colnago handlebar prototyped with Sharebot 3D printers

Sharebot is a modern and dynamic company specialized in the development of professional precision 3D printers. Born in Brianza at the end of 2013 with the aim of researching and producing additive technologies, it is today one of the main Italian companies devoted to the world of 3D and technological innovation. Sharebot 3D printers are aimed at the professional, research and educational market, embracing all the main 3D printing technologies (additive deposition of filament, polymerization and sintering of plastic and metal). With over 3,000 installations all over the world and an Academy and an advanced support service, the company confirms itself as an ideal partner for the professional world.