Sharebot, after the 3D printers SnowWhite (with a sintering laser) and XXL (a printer with a large build size), announces the third great news that it’s going to be presented at the London’s 3Dprintshow.

This new 3D printer is called Sharebot Q and it contains all the experiences accumulated from previous Sharebot Pro and Sharebot NG with FFF technology. The printer is dedicated to professional users who demand high printing quality combined with estreme speed and ease of use.

With a large A3 build size, the Q presents a fully automated build plate leveling system, avoiding any other adjustment. The 0.35mm extruder can be replace in under 15 seconds with another one with different dimension (as well as the extruder’s block) and it’s capable of double filament extrusion for multi color or multi material prints through a single nozzle.
The Core XY technique, with mostly parallel kinematics, means the motors are stationary, which allows rapid accelerations and a great precision. The printer has a system that allows you to control how the filament is extruded.

The Q has an integrated touch screen color LCD display that simplifies all the printing operations and it also has a computer that runs over the webcam, the wifi connection and the slicing: this characteristics make possible to load the .stl files to start the print.

Developed internally by Sharebot’s R&D division, Q is a printer for professionals and for all those users who want access to the best 3D printing technology available today.


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