Sharebot MetalONE

Materials in test

316 Steel

Cobalt Chrome


METALONE is a 3D printer that uses metal powder sintering (SLM) technology. At the moment the project is in the experimentation phase, at the end of it the printer will be made available indicatively at the end of 2019. Currently METALONE will be subjected to an initial beta-testing phase with selected specific users. The printer has all the process parameters available to the user which will be facilitated in the research and study of new materials and applications.


METALONE started in 2015. During this period, Sharebot undertook the design of a thermoplastic powder sintering 3D printer. After dozens and dozens of installations in the world of SnowWhite, Sharebot has accumulated enough experience to move to a new project: metal. Unlike the previous project, the new device varies in the powers involved and in the printing chamber designed to create and maintain a modified atmosphere. Despite having redesigned the software and the mechanics of the printer from scratch, the METALONE project can be considered a direct descendant of the SLS SnowWhite project