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for architecture

Sharebot wants to offer its complete support to all the architects who are looking for new solutions for their mockups.
You’ll discover how an innovative technology like 3D printing will help you with your work: in a few hours you will have a printed piece with great quality and definition while you had already made the necessary arrangements.

Where to start?

1. Design your project

The first and most important part of a 3D print: design your model.Throught a lot of different design software like SketchUp and AutoCad you will create your object as a .STL file.

2. Prepare your file

This phase is crucial to have a good print: you have to transform your .STL in a G-Code file (the format that your 3D printer need to print your object). You can use open source software like Slic3r or professional software like Simplify3D.

3. Print your project

The object is ready to be printed! Upload the gcode to an SD Card and insert the card in a Sharebot 3D printer. You just need to start the print to have what you’ve designed!

What printers & for what

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Sharebot Next Generation

Sharebot NG is the ideal 3D printer for every sketch table thanks to its dimensions (printing area 250x200x200mm) while its double extruder mode will allow you to use two filaments on the same object. In fact, with the heated printing bed, NG is compatible with a large amount of different materials. These options, merged with a high competitive price, will allow you to work with a printer that will make your workflow easier and faster.

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Sharebot XXL

Sharebot XXL is the 3D printer dedicated to those architects who are looking for wider dimensions. The printing area is 700x250x200mm and it’s one of the few printer with an horizontal development.
This means that you can print different room of the same building in one piece to study their interconnections. XXL is optimized for PLA, the best material that you can use to create your model.

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Sharebot for Triennale

The exhibition "Africa. Big Change Big Chance” is centered on the study of a sustainable architecture in the african continent in the next years throught the exposition of pictures and models. All these models and mockups were realized with a Sharebot 3D printer in collaboration with IUAV (Venice’s Architecture University). The models can be used as an example of the potential that 3D printing can have for architecture.
The exhibition was open to the public from the 15th of October to 28th of December 2014.

To realize those project was fundamental the contribution of: The FabLab Make in Milano, FabLab Milano, FabLab Ivrea, MakeinBo, FabLab Settimo Torinese, Civitas Vitae TalentLab Padua, FabLab Verona, Spazio Yatta, FabLab Aosta, FabLab Bergamo, FabLab Biella. We also want to thank 3dITALY and MADesign.

Photo credits by IUAV and Triennale

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Sharebot Academy

Are you an architect and you want to learn how to 3D print your model?
Sharebot Academy has a specific program for you.
Attending our courses (held by our experts) you will acquire all the knowledges and the abilities to be able to realize your project with a Sharebot 3D printer.

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