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We are Sharebot



Our mission

Sharebot is a dynamic company devoted to develop high precision, reliable and easy to use 3D printers. Sharebot printers are dedicated to professional and desktop market: our aim is to provide the perfect tool to optimize the professional workflow and transform any desk in a personal creation center. Sharebot offers 3D printing solution with every known technology:
our 3D printers use all the three main technologies (filament deposition, resin and powders sintering). We also provide classes and workshops about 3D printing and full technical support and assistance thanks to an increasing net of resellers and distribuitors spread all around Italy, Europe and World.




Our Story

Sharebot comes from an idea of Andrea Radaelli (still our president) who projected, assembled and purchased its first 3D printer in 2011 with great success. In few months a group of young entrepeneur (Arturo Donghi, Ambrogio Donghi, Cristian Giussani and Matteo Abbiati) joins the project and Sharebot Pro is released. Sharebot Srl is constituted in October 2013 when the company presented Sharebot NG, the first 3D printer with inox steel shell, display control system managed by a point&click knob. Together with Sharebot Kiwi-3D, NG is a sold desktop tool that can transform every desk (even your school desk) in a personal creative center.
The comapany mission is to be able to project easy to use 3D printers to introduce rapid prototyping system inside every small and medium business: to reach this goal, Sharebot opens its R&D department, dedicated to explore all the main 3D printing technologies (filament, resin and powder). The researchers soon present the first group of high professional 3D printers, Sharebot XXL, Sharebot Voyager and Sharebot SnowWhite. These machines underlined the strong company will to offer state-of-the-art tools dedicated to different manufacturing fields: new 3D printer combines usability, stability, technology and innovation to create professional tools to optimize every workflow.


3D printing is the fourth industrial revolution

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In 2016 Sharebot did another great step, releasing new professional 3D printers with unique features, following the will to provide the best professional tools to its customers:

Sharebot 42 and Q are the results of a 2 years long development process with the FFF technology and they introduced the device management system of the printing process, a magnetic printing plate with Easy Detach System to ease the removal of the printed object. These and many other features are all dedicated to a full printing process and workflow optimization for the professional user.

Other great innovations released in 2016 were about the DLP/SLA technology; two new professional 3D printers dedicated to jewellery, dental and professional prototyping. Sharebot Voyager WARP is a DLP 3D printer 10 times faster than any other printer on the market thanks to the innovative WARP system which allow to create jewel model with an high castable resin.

Sharebot Andromeda is the company first SLA and it has one the largest area among similar machines today on the market; it can use resin for jewellery, dental with high definition and precision.

Sharebot today

Today Sharebot employs almost 30 people and it’s committed to research and delopoment hardware and software solutions in additive manufacturing world both for professional and desktop users.

It’s the main italian producer and one the most known actors in the european market with more than 3500 installed machines and a resellers net widespread all around the world.

There are two company division (Sharebot DE and Sharebot ES) dedicated to distribuite and give customers support in Germany and Spain, while the international resellers net has crucial partners all around the world (like China, United States of America, India, France).

Sharebot also has many strategic partnerships activated with other companies dedicated to innovate their customer traditional workflow. Enstablished partnerships regard many crucial fields like dental, jewellery, biomedical, educational. Sharebot goal is to be able to keep growing to project and product even better and more innovative tools. We’re sure we’ll introduce additive manufacturing in every small and medium enterprise workflow.

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