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Sharebot Support Center: how it works

Welcome to our website technical support section dedicated to giving you the best information and materials required to use our 3D printers at their best. If you need assistance for a specific printer, please select the technology you’re using, then choose the printer you’re looking for: you’ll open the machine printer support.

Each page is composed of a different section so that it will be easy for you to find the information you need; these sections are tutorials and printing profiles, troubleshooting and faqs, support form. Before contacting our technical assistance, please refer to the printing handbook.



Sharebot Kiwi-3D è la stampante 3D per tutti
















La stampante 3D professionale di formato A3. Per la stampa 3D di migliore qualità






3D Printing Materials

3D printing materials

Sharebot develops and distribuites 3D printing materials for its 3D printers, both professional or desktop.




Support form

Support Policies

If you have any problems in using our printers, the procedure to be followed is as follows:

  • Check the manual and guides available on the web site;
  • Contact the dealer from which you purchased the machine
  • Contact technical support by filling out the form beside remember to fill in all fields. Our technicians will ricontatteranno within 3 working days.

In case your printer should re-enter in the factory to be repaired, our technical support will give assign a file number to return and we will provide all the additional information required.

Attention: the package should be the original one, penalty forfeiture of the guarantee

Upon receiving your printer, our technicians will assess whether the problem stems from a failure, in this case the repair under warranty will be carried out for free, or by improper use of the printer or by an improper use of material not approved by Sharebot: in the latter case we will provide you with a quote to request your consent to repair. For out-of-warranty printers may be required a quote for the inspection.

Troubleshooting is a very important task for us and we think is necessary to share experiences, problems and solutions.

Support Form

Fill out the form below specifying the product and your problem, our team of experts will contact you within 3 working days.

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