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Desktop 3D printers

Sharebot Desktop 3D printer

Sharebot offers easy to use, solid and affordable 3D printers for everyone. The printers use FFF (Fused filament Fabrication) technology: a thermoplastic filament is used to create a prototype layer after layer on a printing bed (which can be heated on some printers).

La stampante 3D professionale e di grande qualità per tutti.

Sharebot Kiwi-3D

The professional 3D printer for everyone. Kiwi-3D is very easy to use, plug-and-play and it has a small and crafty printing area. The perfect educational and teaching tool for kids and students.


La terza generazione di stampanti 3D: professionale, robusta, Made in Italy

Sharebot NG

The solid, strong, Made in Italy, professional 3D printer of third generation. The ideal working tool for mechanic models rapid prototyping thanks to wide choice of compatible filaments.