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Kiwi-3D Kit

Sharebot Kiwi-3D is no more available. Further information can be found at

Sharebot Kiwi-3D kit is the 3D printer for someone who wants to enter in the 3D printing world in the best and most innovative way.

Sharebot Kiwi-3d Kit is the verson that Sharebot submits in an assembly kit, a model dedicated to hobbist, makers and everyone who want to, in the spirit of digital fabrication and making world, build by himself his own printer. Buying the kit you are going to learn how to properly fabricate a 3D printer, understanding all the secrets of this amazing techology.

The kit version is avaible in a box that Sharebot thought to semplify the assembly phases  for giving a unique experince. Through the digital fabrication sites, like the Fab Labs, will be possible to follow assembly lessions, having a 3D printer that nobody else could replicate.

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Technical details

Available colors Black
Body Stainless steel
Carter Plexiglass
LCD monitor Integrated
minimum layer thickness 0.1 mm
Size 310*350*330 mm
Print Area 140*100*100 mm
Filaments 1.75 mm PLA
Extruder block with pressure adjustment on filament
Bearings recirculating ball on all axes
Z axis movement with trapeizoidal screws
Adjustable printing plate
Micro USB to update the firmware
Possibility to print directly from SD card