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Unique Features

Connectivy, easy detach and more to optimize your workflow


  • Printing area

    250x220x200 mm



  • Display

    LCD Touch Screen 3.2″



  • Printing speed

    24 mm3/s



  • Minimum layer thickness

    0.05 mm










    Sharebot 42 is the fourth generation 3D printer which uses FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) technology to realize professional prototypes and models with the highest printing quality and precision at the maximum speed.


    The autocalibration system of the innovative printing bed with removable magnetic printing plate allows the professional to start printing without any problem: the user have the full control on every printing setting from the 3.2″ LCD touch screen display.

    Remote management

    Sharebot 42 has an integrated videocamera with web connectivity: from the web interface, compatible with every device, the professional user will have the possibility to manage the printing process and see the development from the webcam. Another new features is the filament control: a sensor will stop the printing it if the material ends or it’s obstructed.

    Interchangeable nozzle

    Sharebot 42 can print with many different professional 3D printing materials: to have the best quality with each one, it’s possible to change the nozzle (applying nozzles from 0.4 – 0.8), depending of the material used, allowing you to obtain the best from Sharebot 42 printing quality.







    La stampante 3D Sharebot 42 ti consente di creare modelli meccanici professionali e funzionali




    Sharebot 42 è la stampante 3D professionale per l'architettura




    Ottimizza i tuoi progetti di design con la stampante 3D professionale Sharebot 42.




    Sharebot 42 è uno strumento professionale pensato per la prototipazione rapida