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Sharebot organizes many events to spread 3D printing culture around and to present its 3D printers and the potential of this technology.

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Where: Via Soria 102/a, Padova

What: Sharebot, a leading company in 3D printers production, together with Andrea Pirazzini’s HELP3D, a qualified and experienced company in the world of 3D prining, will strenghthen their longtime partnership with the opening of a new Sharebot 3D Store in Padova named HELP3D SHAREBOT 3D STORE PADOVA. The new acivity will be managed by Andrea Pirazzini with the mission to introduce into the small and medium enterprises located in North-Eastern part of Italy the 3D printing tools and additive manufacturing technologies.

Help3D Sharebot 3D Store Padova will distribuite Sharebot product for professionals. The store will be in Padova Via Sorio 102 and it will be possibile to receive assistance and support during the rapid prototyping process, attend courses about the correct use of this innovative technology and receive advices on the introduction of 3D printing inside the professional workflow and how to install a 3D printer in every factory.

The official opening event is scheduled on September 9th at 4.30pm at the store in via Sorio 102, Padova. The event is open and everyone is invited to attend to understand and see what will be the store activity: during the presentation it will be possibile to see the latest Sharebot products and some of the professional application they can have The entire group of Sharebot founders will attend the event and, together with Help3D, will present this exciting new project.

Further information: Sharebot opens HELP3D Sharebot 3D Store


Where: Gran Hotel Duomo, Pisa (PI)

What:During decades strong research alliances have existed between various research polymer groups in Italy and the Nordic countries. This was based on close personal relations between individuals resulting in both stronger and warmer friendships but also exciting scientific discoveries. The organization of this Workshop stems from a joint effort to elaborate on these very positive experiences and expand the possibilities to more formal interactions.

The Workshop intends to present ongoing as well as planned polymer research within the two geographic entities. This should set the scene for mutual exchange of knowledge and novel ideas that could develop into wider dissemination of research advances, industrial innovation and professional networking. Also possible exchange of students and post-docs beyond existing alliances could be fostered. New collaborations will be favoured, which could eventually help to envision international polymer research consortia. Strong international consortia with solid industrial support seem presently necessary in order to obtain substantial funding, e.g. from EU.

The Workshop will consist of invited lectures primarily by young, yet established researchers who will review the state of the art and prospect for an emerging future in their selected fields of polymer science, engineering and application. Naturally, larger participation from the Italian and Nordic communities and the International community at large is very cordially welcome.

Further information: Italian-Nordic Polymer Future, Information about costs.


Where: NEC, Birmingham

What:The 22nd TCT Show continues to set the agenda for the industry bringing together dozens of inspirational speakers. They come together for insight, education, innovation and most importantly to do business. The mix of expert speakers, real world applications and innovations alongside product launches, live demonstrations and exciting features creates an event that bristles with energy.

As a result the TCT Show attracts a highly charged crowd comprised of manufacturers, designers, business leaders, early adopters, innovators and investors to an event known worldwide for being the place where they can see tomorrow’s manufacturing technology today.

TCT Show is one of the main event regarding 3D printing and additive manufacturing all around the world and Sharebot will partecipate for the fifth time at these important show. We will be present will the full set of our professional 3D printers, covering all the most used additive manufacturing technologies (filament, sintering and SLA/DLP). As we’re used to do at TCT Show, we will be pleased to introduced some new exciting news. Don’t miss!

Further information: TCT SHOW

EUPOC 2017 - Palazzo Feltrinelli, Gargnano (BS) - 21/25 Maggio 2017

Where: Palazzo Feltrinelli, Gargrnano (BS).

What: EUPOC 2017 is aiming to introduce the most recent developments within the various areas of additive manufacturing for polymer parts with presentations from leading international scientists and industrial researchers working in this field.

Contributions will address fundamental and experimental aspects, discuss the bottlenecks, model the chemical and physical aspects of these processes in order to consider their simulations, present applications, material-related issues, and part properties..

Further information:

In order to receive the Sharebot Event Documentation presented at EUPOC 2017 please send us an email at laura.longoni(at)