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Sharebot XXL


3D printing was born with the precise purpose to overcome those limitations that previously we thought were impossible to overcome.

Thanks to its R&D department, Sharebot everyday tries to cross those limits.

Ones of the main 3D printing boundaries are the printing area because it has been always thought that it couldn’t be more that about 25x25x25cm for a 3D printer which was at same time professional and available to a wider part of the population.

Sharebot worked on this limits. The result of this work is a new 3D printer, evolution of our Sharebot Next Generation, called Sharebot XXL. This printer has a printing area of 60x20x20cm and it allows you to print in a single piece objects and models (architecture and prototypes) previously printed in individual parts that had to be assembled.The print quality is, as always, guaranteed by Sharebot.

This new printer is just one of many new features that Sharebot’s going to present in the next fairs. The surprises badged Sharebot are not finished here: there are many other limits to overcome, borders to explore and just continuing to experiment we can know how far the possibilities of 3D printing could be pushed.



  1. Jaimin August 27, 2014 Reply

    When do we see it in market?

    • admin September 4, 2014 Reply


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