The project called Neandhertal realized by the architect Paolo Uboldi, founder of Studio Truo, has been selected among the winners of the competition “Call under 35” organized during the XXI international Exhibition Triennale di Milano titled “21st century. Design after Design”.

New Craft – XXI Triennale of Milano

Three creative works realized with Sharebot Next Generation 3D printer, will be presented at Fabbrica del Vapore of Milan at “New Craft”, a prestigious exhibition dedicated to artistic contamination between handmade know-how and digital manufacturing technology, which are becoming even more important in architecture, creative and design sectors.


Paolo Uboldi is keen on in the experimentation of any technical which turns out to be functional to the realization of an innovative project. He has developed a domestic system of production for “new craft”: the aim is to find out new possible applications to the latest production system. In a contest in which the linear production process, project-realization-consumer, has changed, it is important to redefine the architects and designers role.

«My goal was not to work on the final product, but on the realization process, because we want to go beyond the industrial production model – Paolo Uboldi says -.Starting from the hand modelling with Plasticine, I have done a 3d scan with my own scanner and then I have saved the models on the PC. At the end, I have printed my objects with NG. The objects had a few polygons in order to emphasize the sides of the triangular shape.

At the exhibition new craft you can see a stool, a vase and a plate realized by Poalo Uboldi, together with a lot of other design objects which have been selected among the best of the contest call under 35.

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