The ability to create something that could reflect an idea or a project is one of the main feature of 3D printing technology and the reason why it could be applied in a lot of different areas.
As we’ve seen it could be used in the furniture industry, architecture, interior design, jewelry and the fashion world.
Today we present the 3D printing user experience of two young designers, Daniele Fumagalli and Sabrina Banfi, who collaborated to a very interesting project: the creation of a trophy-cup that should be presented to the all the female graduated in Design; the trophy had to be perfect gift to represent the ideas of fantasy and creativity.
Let’s introduce Sabrina and Daniele to read what kind of experience they had with the Sharebot NG they used to print their project.


Hi guys! First of all present yourself and please explain what your model was about.

Hi! We are Sabrina Banfi and Daniele Fumagalli and we are design students at the Milan’s NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti). Together we realized a cup that should be given as a gift to our school female design graduates.
This kind of trophy is completely different from the usual trophy. To realize it we had few instruments to obey: it should have been 3D printed, it should have to reflect the idea of collaboration, leadership and innovation.


So the choice to use a 3D printer was made only because of the contest demand? Did you have any experience before?

Yes, the contest requests was very clear: we had to use 3D printing technology. We think that the idea to 3D print it was fantastic and we had choose it even if the contest didn’t required it. Besides that Daniele (who is a classical nerd) was already infomed about the potential of this machines and already used one of your Sharebot 3D printer in some of his previous projects (he is also one of the hacker we presented while speaking of our modified Sharebot Kiwi-3D). Otherwise Sabrina had never use this tool because it’s not a scholastic subject yet and she just had some unclear knowledge so she had listen to Daniele experience to decide which printer was the best for the project.


What was the role made by Sharebot NG for your project and how did you work with it?

The demands allowed us to choose between two different 3D printing technology: FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication where the object is created by an extruded thermoplastic filament) or SLS (laser sintering of polymeric powders). We decided from the beginning to use a Sharebot NG and the entire project was modeled around this idea; we thought using a SLS printer was too easy because you can draw basically anything and you have your object. If you use a FFF printer you must be careful during while you’re drawing the model to avoid unfortunate undercuts (which are all the angles over 90°) that can cause a printing failure.
As young designer, we want to realize something unique avoiding easy roads: drawing a model and see it realized after a good study gives you a lot of satisfaction.
Knowing the Sharebot world, we immediately decided to use a Sharebot NG and we didn’t have any problem: the printer is very easy to use and it was the perfect tool for our idea. The only cons is the the long printing time (which is the only cons of the technology, not of the printer itself), but you can wait a couple of hours more if the results have this quality.


Let us know more about the trophy and the reactions you received.

As we said before, we like the hard way. We drawn a very difficult sketch with a crossed weave and a lot of interconnections for each of the model elements. We wanted to be very creative, regardless of the number of printing hours we should have need to print it. Our main concern was to avoid all the undercuts to have a good results. Another important thing we wanted to underline was the innovation theme: we believe we’ve done a nice job and our professor gave us great response.
The choice to use the ECO PLA material was crucial: this filament seems like both the golden and silvery metal and trophy looks like it was made with metal and not in plastic.


As usually we want to finish asking you about future developments that 3D printing could have on your working area.

Even if there’s a lot of talk around the technology explosion, we both agree that we’ve seen just a little preview of it and there are a lot of new application field to be discovered. Only ten years ago, before this boom, the idea of printing by yourself an object was possible only for great company with big size industrial printers. Today we know that 3D printing is going to part of our lifes and we will have a printer on every desk, both at office and at home, as we now have computers.
As designers this scenario is very fascinating: you can sketch something and see it realized in just a few hours. We very excited to see what this is going to be in the next couple of years!


We want to thank Sabrina and Daniele so that everybody could understand the help that 3D printing can offer to young designer.
It’s possible to download the original .pdf file they share with us before this interview so that everybody can understand the kind of project they realized and its technical and artistic value. In the file you’ll see the drawn realized by them and how they developed their idea up to three-dimensional trophy.

You can download the file here.

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