5 anni di sharebot 3d printers

It is very difficult to think about a more positive outcome: the party for the first 5 years of Sharebot has proved to be a success. Rather a great success, reflecting the affection and the genuine interest towards Sharebot.

At Polaris Indian Cafè in Carate Brianza (Monza and Brianza province) almost 200 people have gathered including guests, friends, employees, partners, enthusiast clients, journalists. Everyone of them share common excitement and desire to celebrate together a great goal for the world of Brianza business. Sharebot, in fact, once it has reached 5 years of age, is no longer a startup… and considering the data revealed by German partner Dr. Wolfgang Mühlbauer (DMG Dental’s CEO) during his speech, i.e. that only 30% of startups succeeds in get over the hump of the 5 years of life, we can only be proud.

On the stage, in front of an audience which has dispensed thunderous applause for all speakers introduced and presented by the youngest Sharebot employee, the 19-year-old Sergio Passador, some orator have come and gone: in addition to the abovementioned Dr. Mühlbauer, Sharebot president Andrea Radaelli, the very first employee Mirko Fumagalli, the Sharebot Padua co-founder Andrea Pirazzini, the devoted client Paolo Sabbioni who produces Olympic and Paralympics bows prototyping with Sharebot 3D printers, and then again Dr. Roberto Filipelli (Cloud & Infrastructure – Partner Tech Lead Microsoft Western Europe), Dr. Vito De Laurentis (Senior Auditor BDO), the professors Michele Laus and Sergio Nava (designer & Program Leader Marangoni Institute), Dr. Stefano Fumagalli (vicepresident Young Entrepreneurs Confindustria) who has spoken about Industry 4.0 in Brianza, and the TheFabLab co-founder Massimo Temporelli who has told the curious true story “Sharebot, a bicycle and I”.

Last but not least, before the dance performance by Ivan Errante, Sharebot CEO Arturo Donghi got up on stage for a touching thank-you speech and to set the future targets of the most important professional 3D printers manufacturer in Italy.

During the event, continued with good music, sumptuous refreshments and a toast accompanied by cutting the cake (on which the Sharebot logo made of pure chocolate was placed!) the winner of ‘Win a Rover’ contest, José Israel Vega Perez, has been awarded and he got home with the new resin 3D printer as ‘loot’.

We expected that everything has turned out for the best. But a success like that was really unthinkable. For this we have to sincerely thank all the people who have attended and have put their heart and soul to ensure the smash of this great party. We will meet again at 10th birthday!

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