Sharebot and Techniplas announce their partnership. Here you can read a brief recap of the main theme of this agreement directly from Techniplas.

Sometimes, the fundamentals of your business require radical innovation. New and efficient ways to create, augment, and deploy resources at the ground level can have a far-reaching effect on the entire organization. At Techniplas, we’re always looking for groundbreaking solutions at every stage of our workflow.


In fact, it’s an idea that has become a core initiative of our organization and its open-innovation strategy. We seek out leading technologies and partners that can help us realize the full potential of Industry 4.0. And we’re proud to announce that we’ve found one such partner in Sharebot.

Sharebot is an early-stage industrial 3D-printing company that will change the way our factories design and create essential tools for our additive-manufacturing processes. The company’s open 3D-printing platform will be deployed in our factories to create custom tools, jigs, and fixtures that are essential to our larger-scale manufacturing efforts.

For Techniplas, the key to the partnership is Sharebot’s unique vision and the platform’s range of capabilities. Using the company’s 3D printers, we’ll be able to create tools and fixtures printed from high-impact, conductive, and high-temperature-resistant materials right on our factory floors. It will allow us to create fundamental parts on the fly — more quickly, safely, and at lower costs than ever before.

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