Support: Sharebot Q



Sharebot Q is shipped inside a resistant box and placed on a pallet to secure it. We advice you to be careful while unboxing the printer.

Remove all the packaging inside the box carefully, then unblock the extuder (we block it to prevent any damage during deliveries) and apply the magnetic printing bed on the plate. Insert the power supply and switch on the printer.
Please, do not throw away the original package, you may need it for future shipment.

Installing and settings

Before starting the printing process, you need to apply the printing material.

Printing material

Sharebot Q has a double spool-carrier system: one is place on the left side of the printer and it’s compatible with the 750g spools; the other one is place placed in the lower part of Sharebot Q, under the printing plate, and it is compatibile also with 2.2kg spools.

Uploading lower spool

Start a change filament process through the Q touch screen display. Insert the filament inside its teflon guide (whome end must be removed from the exstruder by pushing the orange botton)
Per caricare la bobina inferiore è neces which will lead the filament from the placement to the extruder.

We advice to help the filament dragging by pushing the filament until you’ll see the end of it coming off the channel end. Insert the filament inside the extruder and follow the instruction showed on the display. Lock the guide on the extruder.

Uploading upper spool

To upload the upper spool you need to remove the teflon tube from its placement on the extruder and select a “change filament” option from the display menu. Insert the filament inside the pusher (you’ll see it next to the spool) until you’ll see it coming off the guide.

Now keep follow the display instruction, insert the filament inside the extruder and lock the guide.

Starting a printing process

The user could select the file both from the USB key or from the previous loaded internal printer memory.

Printing from USB:

  • Insert the key
  • Select the Sharebot logo icon from the menu
  • Select Sharebot Q icon
  • File from USB Key
  • Select your file

“File from memory” menu section is dedicated to the files loaded from the web interface (see the section).

Printing plate: autoregulation

How it works

The probe makes a calibration test on the entire printing plate to determine the distance between the extruder and the plate: it must be constant value on every point. The plate placement at the minimum distance misured by the probe is defined high HOME Z position.


Every time you’ll start a printing process, Q will do this procedure, based on the measurement made by the probe. This measurement set an automatic regulation of the Z axis position. This process will allow you to print without having to calibrate the plate.

Plate grade and balance

If the place is sloping after an intense use of Sharebot Q (the distance from the extuder to the plate is not the same on all the points), the printer will activate a balance system which regulates the Z-plan position during the entire printing process.

Easy detach System

We advice you to not remove the Easy Detach magnetic printing plate before cooling: temperature has to be under 30°C.

How to change the magnetic printing bed

Like the interchangeable nozzle system, the Easy Detach plan can be substituted because of usury or the will to print different materials. Please follow these steps:

  • Use a caliber to measure the used magnetic plan thickness
  • You also have to measure the new magnetic plan thickness.
  • Calculate the difference between these values.
  • Open the setting menu (click on the gear) and select the option “Configuration”, than press the “Offset Probe” option.
  • Now you must insert the value you calculated adding 0.2 mm.
  • Start a new printing process to test the material deposition on the first layer.
  • If necessary, you can optimize the “Offset Probe” value adding or decreasing the maximum value with 0.1 mm at a time.

A complete view of “Easy Detach System“, how to use it and its features is available on our blog.


Configuring Sharebox3D

To properly use the remote management of your Sharebot Q, ypou have to configure your LAN.

Once configurated, you can access to your management interface from any device. Sharebox3D has a protected access system: the first login must be done with the presetted username and password, then you can customize for future accesses.

Username: admin
Password: Sharebot (the S is in capital font)

Sharebox3D features:

  • Dashboard, to control your 3D printing process via webcam.
  • File Manager, to directly upload your files into the printer.
  • Notification, be notified about your printing process via email
  • Wifi configuration, use a compatible WIFI key (read on our blog for further infos) to control your printer wireless.

Interchangeable nozzles

What is it the interchangeable nozzles system?

Sharebot 42 can use different size nozzles (the pre-assembled 0.4 and 0.8) that can be substitude in just few steps.


WARNING: Changing the nozzle you’ll change also the distance between the nozzle itself and the probe. We advice you to increase the probe offset value to avoid any damage and remove the magnetic printing plate.
The operation must be done without the filament inside the extruding block and with printer switched off.

To remove the pre-assembled nozzle, use the key you find inside the given kit, unscrewing it counter clockwise. Use a 17mm key to block the brass heating part (placed above the nozzle) so that it cannot touch the cables.

Now you can assemble the new nozzle, taking care not to touch the cables and not moving the brass part. We advice to use the Sharebot logo as reference point: it must always be placed on the right side.

Before starting a new printing process, we advice to increase the probe offset value of +0.5.