Support: 3D printing filaments

The following tabel reports the main 3D printing parameters for every filament developed, used and distribuited by Sharebot and it’s dedicated to optimize the use of our professional and desktop FFF 3D printer.

MaterialExtrusion temperaurePlate temperatureRequired Experience FeaturesDiameter
ABS-HF220/230°C90°Cmediumresistant1,75 mm
PLA-S200/210°CCold or max 60°Ceasyresistant1,75 mm
Poly235°C90°CmediumResistant, it can be molded with limonene1,75 mm
Nylon-Carbon245°C50°C (ventole spente)mediumResistant1,75 mm
TPU240/250°CColdHardelastic1,75 mm
WOOD210°C40°mediumResistant, good looking1,75 mm