3D printing technology could be used in a lot of different areas to improve the production efficency and the way to realize prototypes and projects so that it could be possible to present a functioning product to the customers.

One of the sectors where 3D printing could be very helpful is the interor design and furniture industry: this technology allows to create a model or a prototype with the same quality and the same high detail definition of a mockup manufactured in the traditional way



In this picture you can see an project realized by Sharebot XXL in collaboration with NESPOLI&Partners, an important brianza’s study who works in the 3D modeling, rendering and tridimentional video animation world, using new technology (as 3D printing) to optimize their workflow.

It’s a boiserie model (a inlayed wood decoration that could be applied on furniture or walls) that Nespoli&Partners asked us to test for an important client.
In the picture above, the final object is the one on the left while the model on the right is the one printed with Sharebot XXL.

They asked us to print a model starting from a real decorative element 3D laser scan (the object had to be bigger than the final product) by Nespoli. We choose to print it with Sharebot XXL because it’s the best printer to dublicate both boiserie dimensions and the required object decorative details.

Once it was realized, the protype (the one you see on the picture right side) was used by Nespoli&Partners as mold to create the object. They used a rough-hew machine to design friezes and forms on the wood. The result is the piece you can see in the left side of the picture above.


Sharebot XXL

It was fundamental the choice to realize it with the XXL 3D printer: thanks to its printing area size (700x250x200mm) we could print the boiserie in one piece without having to break it into different parts and assemble it all in a second momenti.

This process allowed to Nespoli&Partners designers and Sharebot’s technicians to study the model entirely, eliminating the the eventual problem to print different piece that cannot be wedged in, a fact that could ruin hours of work.

This project is just an example of the many advantages that 3D printing and Sharebot could offer to the furniture industry by optimizing the workflow to help saving time and money which is fundamental to stay competitive in the world.
Sharebot is pleased to offert its product to this world, a symbol of the Made in italy excellence.



Nespoli&Partners è uno studio specializzato nella modellazione 3D, rendering e video animazioni 3D. I principali settori di applicazione: arredamento e design, edilizia e architettura, industria e meccanica.

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