Searching and finding new solutions and applications for 3D printing is one of the main Sharebot goals. We think it’s important to invest in research to improve our 3D printers and use innovative and more efficient materials.

Biomedical material and new paths

Sharebot R&D team have recently tested a new material for Sharebot SnowWhite, a biomedical powder (PVA based) that could open new fields of application for laser sintering 3D printers. Thanks to the SnowWhite features we’ve been able to start printing this new material with just 5g of powder, enough to build a single layer square of 1cm side.

We’re extremely proud of this incredible result and we believe that this test is just the first step for future developments in 3D printing for the biomedical field.


Sharebot SnowWhite

The printer uses the SLS/DLS (Direct Laser Sintering) technology where a laser sinters a thermoplastic powder layer after layer in a hot chamber. Sintering allows to build precise, resistant objects for mechanical and technical use without requiring any type of support structure. Today Sharebot SnowWhite is the most commonly used system in its category with printers installed all around the world.

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