Help3D, Sharebot Premium Reseller and longtime partner, will take Sharebot professional 3D printers Sharebot 42 and Sharebot Q to EICMA 2016, one of the most important international exposition dedicated to motorcycle and racing world. Our 3D printers and many interesting prototypes will be presented by Andrea Pirazzini, Help3D founder and director, inside the stand A47 in Pavillion 6.


3D Printing and motorcycling

Andrea has a great passion for racing and partecipates as a biker in the Velocità CNV MotoAsi 100 octanes PITBIKE Italian Championship. He thought EICMA is the best place to combine his two great passions (the other is 3D printing, of course). He already used Sharebot 42 to print prototypes of his racing bikes and works with Pavia University developing team Quarto di Litro to realize parts for a concept bike.

The idea to use 3D printing comes from the technology features (like total object customization and replicability) which allow to work on innovative solution for racing bikes. Racing motorcycling is a high competitive field where even the smallest detail can change race results and give you the victory over your competitors. According to Andrea (and we strongly agree with him) 3D printing also offer the possibility to create unique shapes with mechanical materials, the perfect combination for racing bikes prototypes and models.



Inside the stand you’ll be able to see some of the parts printed by Andrea: they are all prototypes of his racing bike or the Quarto di Litro project.

All these objects were printed with Sharebot Q and Sharebot 42, like the complete fork kit: composed by many parts, they were made with Sharebot 42 in just 20 hours using PLA while seals and links were printed with TPU. He used this elastic materials because of great stress they have to support. Once printed, the object was tested and it didn’t show any problem.

One of the most interesting prototypes is the PITBIKE shell printed in 1:1 scale (23 hours of process). Thanks to 3D printing, Andrea perfectly replicated every technical and aerodynamic detail with highest precision and resolution. He is also working on an airbox plus intake made with high resistant PBT.

According to Andrea, another big advantage provided by 3D printing is the possibility to use different materials. The additive manufacturing world is in constant evolution and we have to be able to develop technical and high performances materials to create more efficient and better parts. Because of those reasons 3D printing can be applied in every productive workflow, innovating and optimizing the prototypes production.



EICMA will last from November 10th to 13th in Fiera Milano in Rho. The exposition will open on November 8th (from 12.30 to 18.30) and Nov. 9th (from 9.00 to 18.30) just for the motorcycling operators. Andrea and Help3D will be present inside the Pavillion 6 Stand A47 with Sharebot 42 and Q to show 3D printing advantages for motorcycling.

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