Sharebot collaborated with Sithiprumnea Dul, Luca Fambri e Alessandro Pegoretti, researchers at the Università di Trento, Department of Industrial Engineering and INSTM Research Unit, specialized in research and development on innovative materials to test a ABS filament incorporated with graghene nanoplatelets at 4wt% (xGnP).

The partnership combined the researchers know-how and experience with innovative and technical materials with the Sharebot R&D team know-how with 3D printing technology. We deceided to partecipate to this reaseach because of the importance R&D has for our company: we are always looking for new innovative tools that could optimize the professional 3D printing process; our aim is to create the best materials and most efficient tools for our users so that they could take advantage of the most innovative products for their professional workflow.

The filament tested is not dedicated to the market, but it can open new paths for future developments and new materials.



The researchers know-how allowed to test this filament in the best possibile way, using a professional method to define the materials features and characteristics. Here below you can read an abstract of the test conclusion, while the complete results are available in the attached downloadable article.

“The elastic modulus and dynamic storage moduli of 3D printed parts along three different build orientations were increased by the presence of xGnP in the ABS matrix. At the same time, a decrease in both stress and strain at break was observed when xGnP is added to ABS. Moreover, a higher thermal stability was induced on 3D printed parts by xGnP, as indicated by a reduction in both coefficient of linear thermal expansion and creep compliance. A comparison between 3D printed and compression moulded parts highlighted the importance of the orientation effects induced by the fused deposition modelling process.

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