Slic3r is the worldwide most used slicing software. It was created by Alessandro Ranelluci, who decided to leave it completely open source so that everyone can help its development by adding new features.

The software allows to convert a 3D file (created with any 3D modeling software like Blender, SketchUp or 123D) into a .gcode file. This is the extension read by any 3D printer and it’s composed by parameters, settings and coordinates. The machine will use this settings to move its axes and create the object.

The software is composed by numerous algorithms. These work on the model structure and select the best way to extrude the material, helping the deposition of every single layer. It’s possible to set and modify every printing parameters from the the software interface: infill percentage, supports, extrusion and plate temperatures.

Being the project, launched in 2011, fully open source, it allows to create specific profiles for Sharebot 3D printers. All the settings are developed by our R&D department and can be referred to latest stable version.