Let’s continue the discover of all the Sharebox3D features.
We introduced in the last weeks the 3D printing files management, the wireless connectivity and the printing process remote control.

You can manage, send, control and print a file from your device. But how could you know if the object had some problems during the print if you didn’t follow the process?
Sharebot R&D team worked on a feature that will infom you throught a notification system. Sharebox3D will send a message (as a push notice like WhatsApp or an SMS) to your device to inform you about any problem and you’ll receive the notice even if the hardware dashboard is not open.

The notification system will tell you if the filament ends before the end of the printing process or will announce you that the print has been completed well. As we mentioned before, Sharebox3D has a system to recover the number of printed layers if the print suddently stops: this number will be sent to your device with a notice.

Thanks to the wireless connectivity (as we already explained) all your electronical tools will be connected to Sharebox3D as you can be always awared about the evolution of your model regardless if you’re working on the smartphone, tablet or computer.

You can follow the project on our Facebook page and on the dedicated website.
All the informations about how to support us and the crowdfunding campaign could be found on our Indiegogo page.

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