The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to launch Sharebox3D, the revolution that will change forever the way to use, manage, archive, view and share the 3D printing files, starts on Monday 19th January.
Until now a 3D printer user had to work with different devices to realize his object. Sharebox3D will improve the enitre 3D printing user experience: it will be possible to control, manage, use and view every file and every prints anywhere at any time.



Sharebox3D is an external hardware that allows to work, archieve, view, manage and share an stl file from a device and to send it to a 3D printer.

It has full wireless connectivity so that it is possible to control the print even if the user is not near to the printer. The wifi connectivity also allows to share a file with friends and collegues and to store it in an archive. The entire printing proceess will improve because it will be possible to work only on one device: Sharebox3D will allow to control everything with just few clicks.


What can you do?

Before the 3D printing process

Sharebox3D allows to generate a gcode file in a very easy way throught an innovative graphic interface.

Once the gcode is created, it can be send to the printer to start a printing process without having ton use any USB cable or SD card.

The user can choose the file he wants to print and which material can be used even if he is not near the printer: he just have to work on his smartphone or tablet (or computer). He can even choose the printing settings and control them.

This is a project developed by the Sharebot R&D department. They worked a lot so that the hardware could be compatible with the majority of the printers on the market not only the Sharebot printers.

It’s important to notice that it’s not a cloud service and doesn’t not require any subscription or a updating system!


During the 3D printing process

Sharebox3D will change the printing process workflow by imrpoving every feature, even while a print is going on and after the printing process is terminated.

It can be connected to a webcam so that the user could always watch how the printing is going on even if he is not near the printer. Even during a business appointment, Sharebox3D will allow to control your model with just few clicks: no more worries, everything is under control.

Thanks to this feature, and working on the device, the user can modify all the printing settings he wants (flow, plate temperature, extruder temperature) if he notice that the printer is having some problems with the settings he used. This allows to overcome one of the limits that 3D printing has nowadays: every setting can be changed from everywhere at anytime.

Moreover, a message on your smartphone or tablet will warn you when your print is over and communicate you any other information about the printing process.

In addiction, if the print accidentally stops, the hardware will inform you about the number of layers already printed so that you can start again the printing process from the right point.

Sharebox3D is also a web app and it’s going to be the only tool an 3D printing user must have to work and realize a 3D printed model.

The revolution is incredible: with just a device and wireless connection every 3D printing phase will be under control. Every file is stored in an archive so that they can be shared with everyone at any time. Everything is going to change.

It’s a challenge to the entire 3D printing world: join us and everybody will win. A new world is coming and Sharebot wants to be the protagonist.


After the 3D printing process

Once the 3D printing process is over, Sharebox3D will continue to help and support everyone in enjoying their user experience.

The hardware will serve as an archive to store every stl and gcode so that the user can use them whenever he wants.

The wireless connection also allows to take a picture and share every file on the main social networks.

Sharebox3D also has an evaluation system that will help to categorize every file inside the storage system.



Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign starts on Monday 19th January and lasts 35 days.

Our goal is to reach $60.000 that will be used to start the Sharebox3D production. Sharebox3D is tested protype and we just have to do the last passage to be able to bring it to everyone.

This is going to be a part of the every day routine for every 3D printing user. Before 2015 ends Sharebox3D will a unique and irreplaceable tool.

The user experience is going to change and it will be brought to the next level.

Everyone can help us on Indiegogo and be an important part of the project.

As we said before: it’s a challenge we belive we can win with the help of the entire 3D printing world.


Follow the project

Starting on Monday 12th January we opened a Sharebox3D facebook page and the related website where it will be possible to follow the campaign. We will post articles, imagines, and video to testify how the campaign is going on.

Starting on Monday 19th January it will be opened an Indiegogo page to be able to be always informed about the campaign and evolution of the Sharebox3D project.

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