Today in Torino TheFabLab (one of the italian most important digital fabrication laboratories, research and development center on smart objects since its opening in 2013) will open its new officies inside the prestigious, innovative and state-of-the-art Talent Garden Fondazione Agnelli location. TheFabLab is a longtime Sharebot partner, sharing the common goal of introducting digital fabrication and additive manufacturing knowledges and technologies inside italian SME workflows, helping professional to tranform their working environment into a proper Industry 4.0.

Thanks to strong partership between our company and TheFabLab, Sharebot professional 3D printer will be installed inside the new laboratory with the aim to suport professional and industies who want to start using 3D printing for their processes.


TheFabLab @ Talent Garden Fondazione Agnelli

Sharebot will support TheFabLab and its new process: expanding its business model based on the open innovation in one of the italian most important cities for manufacturing and goods production, Torino. TheFabLab will develop, thanks to its strategic partnership with Talent Garden, a platform dedicated to innovate the italian manufacturing industry with the Industry 4.0 tools and systems. Adopting digital know-how (like IT, Big Data, Cloud Computing, operative technolgies like Advanced automation, Advance HMI – Human Machine Interface – and Additive Manufacturing) will change the traditional working processes, optimizing times and costs usually needed to produce goods and services.

Inside the Talent Garden Fondazione Agnelli location, professional will find more than 300 innovators, a small but efficient factory with professional machinaries, industrial robots, resin and filament deposition 3D printers, laser cutters. The staff will provide assitance and support in design, engineerization and manufacturing. Professionals, start-ups and companies will have the possibilty to create, project and realize prototypes: the laboratory will be a research and development center dedicated to the Internet of Things.

Massimo Temporelli, Co-founder and TheFabLab president, said: “Italian innovation must be focused on dgital technology but it has to start “affect” also one the most impotnat italian asset: manufacturing. Our mission is to “contaminate” with digital innovation the whole Made In Italy and italian design. We strongly belive Talent Garden is the perfect partner that will help us to reach the heart and soul of italian manufacturing, Torino, a city where many of the most important italian manufacturing pioneers worked”

Barbara Graffino, Co-founder Talent Garden Torino: “AddingThe FabLab in Talent Garden Fondazione Agnelli we introduce another crucial tessera in our platform: we’re creating a new and innovative ecosystem fully committed to innovation and transformation of italian manufacturing. We will be able to realize open innovation projects: spreading aroung digital culture thanks to theTalent Garden Innovation School, helping professionals, start-ups and companies with rapid prototyping inside the new TheFabLab officies. Our community and campus is expaning so that local innovators can find a place where it will be possibile to catch all the oppurtinites provided by 3D printing, additive manufacturing and Industry 4.0.”

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