The news badged Sharebot R&D don’t stop with the new Sharebot XXL.
We are very pleased to announce that at the London’s 3Dprintshow we are going to present another 3D printer: Sharebot SnowWhite.
Sharebot SnowWhite is a printer  based on selective laser sintering this process take place in a not modified atmosphere and it is “cold”.

Compared to the FDM, this printer uses a system of thermoplastic powders that, starting from a digital file in CAD, creates three-dimensional objects thanks to the sintering and fusing of a thin layer of polymer powder at a time. This procedure enables you to create small objects with a great definition (as you can see in the accompanying pictures)  and with a great resistance.
All materials used in this process are developed by our R&D department in our Nibionno headquarters!

The news badged Sharebot are not finished here: our R&D department is always looking for new application for 3D printing!

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