Sharebot is pleased to announce the start of its Sharebot SnowWhite Beta-Testing Program.

This initiative launches the second phase of SnowWhite (first low-cost SLS -selective laser sintering- 3D printer) development.

The company will distribute 5 models, one for each beta-tester, whose findings will be used to prepare for commercial sale.


Sharebot SnowWhite

Sharebot SnowWhite is the first Italian powder laser sintering 3D printer, entirely developed at the Nibionno headquarters.

Developed over the course of a year, SnowWhite aims to be the perfect professional laboratory item and can be used to test many different powders. As this printer is very resistant to pressure, it can materialise small mechanical parts or a series of small and medium sized batches.

The development process can be followed via our dedicated webpage: “SnowWhite History“, where news, updates, pictures are available.

We created the page as we are keen to keep our customers regularly up-to-date with one of our most ambitious projects. It was presented during last Autumn Trade faires in London (3D Printshow), Birmingham (TCT Show) and the Maker Faire Rome where SnowWhite was very well received. The printer story began on June 18th 2014 with the first printed object: one year of dedicated work allows us to progress to the second phase.

During the last months, Sharebot R&D department experts worked on the machine to add many new features. The results are now excellent, as it’s possible to see in these pictures.



Sharebot launched its Beta-Testing Program to find the 5 best candidate to test its SnowWhite. The printer deliveries will start in September, at a price of €17.500 (this is an exclusive price for the Beta-Testing printers).

The company received dozens of requests by professionals and users who want to be first to test Sharebot SnowWhite. The selection process to identify the 5 best candidates has just begun. Sharebot is very pleased by the reaction the 3D printing world has had to this new printer, which can be the ideal tool in many different professional workflows and environments.

Beta-Testing is the last phase of the printer experimentation: thanks to beta-tester collaboration, the company will put the printer on sale next Fall, introducing a professional working tool at a very affordable price.

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