Today the Sharebot’s R&D department has a big annouce: sugar has been sintered with SnowWhite!

So, after the sinterization of powders of nylon and graphen, this time wa the sugar the center of their studies!

Thanks to our 3D printer with powders sintering laser system it’s possible to create wonderful and highly defined objects.
This process opens new and unexplored roads for this technology. And Sharebot is trying to do its best!
But we think that these pictures can be better than a thousand of words:

foto 1

Starting from left to right you can see the Rome Maker Faire mascotte printed with sugar, graphene, nylon!

We were able to print the most expensive sugar cube in the world!
In this picture Gabriele Carloni e Andrea Radaelli are showing what we realized:



We are not only having fun, but we also printed high professional mechanical parts


foto 3

Left to right you can see: the original aluminium part then the same part printed with the FFF technolgy and with the sintering technolgy in NYLON and GRAPHENE.
What else?

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