Sharebot Smart Working

Sharebot Smart Working

Dear Friends, Customers, Supporters

It’s a difficult time for us Italians but with great commitment, determination and pride we are facing the situation by implementing some measures to keep the connection between Sharebot and all those who follow our updates alive.

Sharebot won’t STOP

In compliance with government regulations, all our collaborators present in the company or connected from home with smart-working tools are at your disposal to offer our support and consultancy services as usual, rather better than usual, with greater renewed commitment.

Collaborating and being Responsible

As far as possible we ask for the utmost collaboration to ensure that everything works normally and we trust that everyone will do their part, respecting their role, to ensure that our wonderful and industrious country is not affected by this event. Only thanks to the collaboration of each one of us through responsible behavior it will be possible to overcome this emergency period.

Inventing, Innovating and Fighting Together

We have already shown many times in our millennial history that we can and are capable of doing it. The time we are going through is particularly complicated and full of fears. One thing is certain, we Italians have a long history and tradition behind that has helped us to thrive over the centuries and, for sure, a flu won’t stop us! What allowed us to be still here is the ability to invent, innovate and fight together.

We would like to leave you this message:

Remember that our grandparents were ordered to go to war, instead we are being asked to stay on the sofa.(#ISTAYATHOME) Leave the virus out of the door. Stay at home. There you can continue to be productive and above all protect all the people you care about most with responsibility and awareness.

Sharebot Team

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