Sharebot and Cagelli Distribuzione, a company with more than 40 years of experience in the distribuition of professional tools for mechanics world, are pleased to announce an agreement about Sharebot Q (the professional 3D printer with A3 size building area – 297x420x300 mm – that can realize high quality prototypes and models) distribuition.


Sirio Srl, Cagelli group brand committed to provide professional 3D printing and additive manufacturing system and products, will be in charge of Sharebot Q selling thanks to the company experience and know-how. Sirio testify the importance and the relevance 3D printing has gained as a fundamental professional tool, even in a high profile world like mechanic one (where precision and product quality are crucial).

Sharebot Q

Sharebot choose Sirio to promote a high professional product, Sharebot Q, to mechanic field companies. The unique printer features are ideal to be applied in this kind of context: Q uses FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) technology and it has all the state-of-the-art features, both in software and hardware, used for Sharebot 42 like the automatic calibration system on X, Y and Z axes, the magnetic removable printing bed and the internet connectivity.

Sharebot Q optimizes the user-experience and workflow by reducing the printing time with an increased precision on prototypes details. All these characteristics allow to the printer to be a perfect tool for those who work in mechanic field making this new agreement so important to be able to reach such an important market.


Cagelli, through Sirio srl and thanks to more than 10.000 storage references, will offer to all its customers a widespread and efficient after sales service thanks to the know-how and experience of its qualified consultant, assisted and formed by Sharebot with the aim to offer the best technical and marketing support to its clients.

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