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“When technology meets design, new ASUS ZenBook S UX391 is born”. This is what the claim of ASUS advertising about new ZenBook S UX391, an efficient and handy notebook with a extremely modern and charming design.

In the ASUS advertising video, published on ASUS Italy’s social networks and YouTube channel, you can see the laptop in the foreground, with particular attention to details and to the special opening with Ergo Lift hinged keyboard: a system meant to make ZenBook comfortable and user-friendly.

In this context of design and elegance our Sharebot Q professional 3D printer has its place… and it really works in here! In fact, a more detailed look reveals that in ASUS advertising the new ZenBook S UX391 is inside Q’s printing chamber which measures 300x400x300 millimeters, a perfect volume for big-size prototypes and objects.

The extruder that moves on X and Y axes, the nozzle that lays filament, straps’ movement, the 3D printing plate: in ASUS advertising you can see everything.

And since our Sharebot Q can be managed on web and remotely… why not to buy it together with ZenBook S UX391?!

And here is ASUS advertising.

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