Sharebot will partecipate to Formnext 2016, the international exhibition and conference on the next generation of additive manufacturing technologies. The event will take place at Frankurt Messe in Frankfurt from November 15th to 18th: the Sharebot stand will be in Halle 3.1, stand A44.

Formnext is one of the most important professional exhibition for additive manufacturing, where companies from all around the world are united to discover new application for these technologies and how to combine them with traditional parts and products realization. It brings together the world’s leading manufactures of additive manufacturing technologies and companies fully dedicated to innovation.

Sharebot has always been focused on innovative solution for additive manufacturing and it’s proud to partecipate for the first time to such an important event; inside the stand it will be possible to see its full set of professional 3D printers and high quality technical materials: 3D printing filament to realize functional prototypes for mechanical industries, biocompatible resins to optimize the workflow in the dentistry world and castable resins developed by our researchers compatible with the traditional casting process.


What’s in the stand?

Inside the stand it will be possibile to see different products, 3D printers and printing materials:

Sharebot Voyager WARP: the DLP technology and the WARP printing system allow to realize precise and defined jewellery models at the highest speed using castable resins very easy to cast in the traditional casting process. The innovative WARP system optimize the process, reducing the needed exposition time for each single layer to just few hundreths of second. The speed provided by the WARP system is ten times higher than traditional professional 3D printers with DLP technology.

Sharebot Q: a big size 3D printer with FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) technology to realize professional prototypes. Its technical and using features allow to work with the ideal tool for a wide range of professionals who want to optimize their workflow and workstation, improving their user experience

Sharebot 42: realizes prototypes and models with the highest speed and quality. 42 uses FFF technology and is a state-of-the-art tool with a lot of innovative features: printing plate autocalibration system, “Easy Detach System” to easy remove the object from the plan and wireless connectivity to manage the process from any device.

Sharebot SnowWhite: uses the SLS/DLS (Direct Laser Sintering) technology where a laser sinters layer after layer a thermoplastic powder in hot chamber. Sintering allows to build precise, resistant object for mechanical and technical use without applying any support material. Today Sharebot SnowWhite is the most commonly used system in its category with printers installed all around the world.


Application and materials

Mechanical prototyping is one one of the many application for Sharebot 3D printers. During the exposition Sharebot will show many models built with Nylon-Carbon, a high resistant, elastic and efficient material made with Nylon and Carbon, developed to introduce additive manufacturing inside this world.

Sharebot will present dental and dental study models (bridges, crowns, alligners) made with its DLP 3D printers and a wide range of professional biocompatible resins to show the technology application in this important and crucial field.

Sharebot Voyager WARP and the full set of castable resins developed by Sharebot researchers will show how to easy introduce a professional 3D printer inside every jeweler workflow, adding an efficient tool to optimize the traditional casting process for jewellery.

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