We’ve already announced the strengthening of collaboration with our partners of XponentialWorks, the hotbed of innovative companies and Industries 4.0 founded by Avi Reichental in Ventura, California; the consequence was the opening, in the space dedicated to our ready-for-industries professional 3D printers, of the showroom seat of Sharebot US, our American department.

In this respect we officially present the new Sharebot US website: a space where direct and channel our American clients and the great deal of companies we’ve the pleasure of meeting during Rapid + TCT event in which we’ve participated as exhibitors in the past April.

The new website will be the online extension of showroom located in 1923 Eastman Avenue in Ventura, California: it is directly managed by our technicians on US territory, ready to provide to advice, technical support and all their own know-how to accompany companies in the adjustment path to professional 3D printers and in particular to large format ones: Sharebot XXL PlusSharebot Q and Sharebot QXXL.

We invite you to visit Sharebot US website. For every information request, clarifications on all of these points and any kind of feedback, please write to info@sharebot.us.

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