Sharebot, leading 3D printer manufacturer, proudly announces with the aim to introduce the “Made in Italy” products to small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany. In order to provide a comprehensive service, Sharebot will collaborate with DimensionAlley, a Berlin based company dedicated to support and education in the 3D printing field.


3D printing in Germany has a website ( and social pages both on Facebook and Twitter where the reader may view the product lineup, explore their features and receive technical support when needed: all these services are available in German.

Sharebot will distribute its full range of products on the German market: Voyager, the first DLP technology 3D printer, XXL, the large size printer, NG, Kiwi-3D and a wide range of special Sharebot filaments.

The company will activate a reseller network in Germany to help this process and to provide the best possible support to its customers.


Launch Party

The official presentation will be on May 28th with a launch party event at the New Fablab Berlin (Prenzlauer Alle 242, 10405 Berlin).

During the event Sharebot and DimensionAlley spokepersons will present the project. All the products destined for the german market will be on display with examples of their potential application fields for this technology.

After the presentation, will officially participate at the main 3D printing events and faires in Germany. The debut will be at the Erfurt Fab-Con 3.D di Erfurt on June 10th and 11th 2015.



DimensionAlley Berlin brings 3D printing to the high street at Europe’s first 3D printing café and experience store. We are dedicated to 3D printing, design, scanning, workshops and building a community around 3D printing for individuals and businesses. Always getting the best possible print results from this rapidly developing technology.

“Great 3D prints come about when all parts of the process work in harmony. A well designed and engineered machine, a carefully thought out digital model and the experience and attention to detail of the human preparing and running the print,” says Barr. DimensionAlley is this kind of place.

DimensionAlley distinguishes themselves from 3D printing service bureaus by their local and personal service. They work with the customer face-to-face to ensure the desired results.

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