Sharebot, a leading company in 3D printers production, together with Andrea Pirazzini’s HELP3D, a qualified and experienced company in the world of 3D prining, will strenghthen their longtime partnership with the opening of a new Sharebot 3D Store in Padova named HELP3D SHAREBOT 3D STORE PADOVA.

The new acivity will be managed by Andrea Pirazzini with the mission to introduce into the small and medium enterprises located in North-Eastern part of Italy the 3D printing tools and additive manufacturing technologies. Help3D Sharebot 3D Store Padova will distribuite Sharebot product for professionals.

The store will be in Padova Via Sorio 102 and it will be possibile to receive assistance and support during the rapid prototyping process, attend courses about the correct use of this innovative technology and receive advices on the introduction of 3D printing inside the professional workflow and how to install a 3D printer in every factory.


Sharebot 3D Store

Thanks to this incoming opening (the third Sharebot 3D Store after Firenze and Napoli), Sharebot underlines its will to be present on the entire italian territory with a capillar network of qualified and professional-oriented teams, each one is fully dedicated to introduce additive manufacturing into local SMEs, fundamental tools to create the Factory 4.0.

The following 3D printers will be available inside Help3D Sharebot 3D Store Padova:

  • Sharebot Spirit, the low-cost DLP 3D printers
  • Sharebot XXL Plus, Sharebot 42 e Sharebot Q, the professional FFF 3D printers;
  • Sharebot NG e Sharebot Kiwi-3D, desktop 3D printers with FFF technology for educational use.

The store will also provide a lot services, all centered around the world of 3D printing and additive manufacturing: 3D printing service, 3D modeling, 3D scanning, reverse engineering, advanced counselors, professional 3D printing materials and many others services.


Opening event

The official opening event is scheduled on September 9th at 4.30pm at the store in via Sorio 102, Padova. The event is open and everyone is invited to attend to understand and see what will be the store activity: during the presentation it will be possibile to see the latest Sharebot products and some of the professional application they can have The entire group of Sharebot founders will attend the event and, together with Help3D, will present this exciting new project.


It will also be possibile to enjoy a small happyhour with the local awarded spritz and a selection of the best Brianza original foods.

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