Starting from today you can find online a new Sharebot website: Sharebot for Architecture.

Sharebot starts a new campaign. We will publish a group of website in which it will be told how 3D printing technology can be applied to many different professional areas.

Sharebot for Architecture is an idea that we decited to implement after the success of the exhibit, currently taking place at Triennale di Milano,  “Africa. Big Change Big Chance”, an exhibit about african architectural developments. All the mockups and project were realized with a Sharebot 3D printer thanks to a collaboration between us and IUAV (Venice Architecture University) with the cooperation of many of ours FabLabs and partners, interested to show the potential that this technology can have for all the architects who demand a new tool to improve their workflow.

In fact the website wants to show to all architects how they can use a Sharebot 3D printer to realize their projects. Inside this page you can see which printer it’s the best choice for every mockups you have to do (for exemple with Sharebot XXL, a printer with large width, is the best one to realize in one piece an entire building surface thanks to its special charecteristics).

Sharebot will also offer its complete support to all architects throught its Academy program: we have lessons to explain you how to capitalize the best of every 3D printer for your needs. Our tutors will teach you how to use this innovative technology so that you can improve your works.
3D printing and architecture can do amazing things togheter, it’s up to you to find out all the potential this union can have!

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