Sharebot will partecipate on Tuesday 16th (9.30 am, Istitut Mines Telècom, Mines Ales, Avenue de Clavieres, 30100, Ales – France) at the workshop “IMPRESSION 3D SANS LIMITES – Matériaux, Procédés, Outillages, Texturation” organized by Allizé Plasturgie Occitanie, Institut Mines Télécom – Alès Mines and the network Materialautech. It’s the third we partecipate to an international meeting dedicated to the world of polymers and their use in todays manufacturing working environment. Arturo Donghi, our CEO, will address about the using of different 3D printing technologies in the world of manufacturing, expecially the impact 3D printing can have for researchers and university studies.

The event

The workshop will be composed by a full schedule of address and speeches around the importance 3D printing has for manufacturing in many professional fields. Additive manufacturing solutions are now now a crucial part of the manufacturing workflows for plastic producers that use those technologies to build both prototypes, sample and functional part and objects in small series. During the workshop partecipant will have the possibility to listen many actor of this incoming revolution that will address people about 3D printing developments and evolution.


Arturo Donghi, CEO Sharebot, speech will be focused on the functionalities our tools can have for manufacturing. Thanks to our open philosophy the professional is free to set, adjust, modify and customize every printing settings. Artudo Donghi will show some of the most important parameters setting when the user want to use a Sharebot printer to test new materials or optimize its working condition. Sharebot strongly belives in the importance 3D printing has and will have in the fourth Industrial Revolution and our mission is to provide to professionals high quality tools to optimize their workflows: to do that we’re already working with universities and research centers.

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