Italy is the inventor’s country. Leonardo Da Vinci, Guglielmo Marconi, Enrico Fermi, Alessandro Volta are all italian inventors and they’ve preceded the XX century artisan and the XXI century digital makers.

But Italy is also one the most advanced country in the biomedical field, especially in the research field where an italian name is always the one who you read when a new aim is achieved, despite the little financial contribution he reiceved from the institutions.

In November 2014 Sharebot and Open BioMedical Intiative decided to join their forces to achieve even greater results in the world of research. 3D printing, open source and the making world are the connection points between these two firms. The collaboration arise from the will of both companies to be able to give a personality to the future technologies.

The partnership goal is to be able to integrate the digital fabrication world with its practical application in the biomedical world. The Sharebot’s know-how and the OBM Initiative’s experience could create something that can significantly improve our world. OBM Initiative will have free access to the 3D printing world and to the Sharebot 3D printers to use them for their studies and their researches with the complete support offered by our experts and technicians.

The collaboration will integrate our knowledges to build a common path that could enclose different fields from the divulgative one to the research and tests.

We will unite our forces to explain people the importance of making even in the biomedical world to develop technologies that will be fundamental for umanity and for its health.

But what “innovation” really means is to be able to change our way of thinking. 3D printing biomedical application also means to learn to share our knowledges and give to more people the possibility to access to new technologies. This is a great challenge for us: we will have the chance to create something really new and usefull and we must be able to think to the involvements and to the developments that this will mean. Change to improve ourself and to improve the world around us.

Sharebot and Open Biomedical Intiative together can do something really big. We know it and we will work as much as it is possible to realize it.

Open BioMedical Initiative is a newly established nonprofit organization with the purpose of creating and promoting Low-Cost, Open Source, 3D Printable BioMedical Technologies. Our team is composed of engineers, doctors, biotechnologists, makers, enthusiasts, curious people. We are never enough, however, and anyone can be the strength for this new project. We are constantly looking for enthusiastic people willing to contribute, regardless of education, occupation, place of residence, personal interests. Anyone is able to make a difference.

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