Case Study

Sharebot and Nove25: custom jewelry with resin 3D printers

Nove25 is a company whose core business consists of devising, planning, designing, realizing and finally selling silver high-quality jewels.

Since the founding of the company in Milan in 2005, Nove25 makes custom jewelry its strength: thanks to extreme personalization, intended to accomodate also the very-hard-to-please people, the brand has been growing exponentially over the years climbing the approval ratings. And in fact a lot of artists like Steven Tyler, Club Dogo, Fedez, actors like Pierfrancesco Favino, Margherita Buy, Rocco Siffredi, sportspeople like Massimiliano Allegri, Stephan El Shaarawy, Marco Materazzi, Sasha Djordjevic, Tony Cairoli and other VIPs like Sita Abellan or Stephen James, rely on Nove25 to order their own jewels (click here to see all the Nove25’s client VIPs).

At present the company can boast 9 single branding stores and a network of resellers in Italy and abroad.

nove25 logo sharebot


Nove25 had the need to create models and prototypes to do aesthetic or pre-series tests. In particular the company aims at interpreting clients’ desires and getting to work to provide them customized rings and jewels which meet their demands.

To do this, it takes a planning and a CAD design phases, to which should be added fusion and incision processes, post-curing, the mounting and various treatments to different styles and surface finishes. Before the advent of additive technologies these steps were carried out manually by Nove25’s goldsmiths.

Now the Milanese company has chosen to rely to Sharebot professional 3D printers for two reasons. First of all to automate some processes of prototyping and production. Secondly to focus on personalization of jewels and then to offer a totally customizable product that are fully in line with client’s single requests, also the most specific. And therefore a unique product.

nove25 ring sharebot 3d printers
nove25 ring sharebot 3d printers


And so Sharebot 3D printers has been included in Nove25’s inventory of tools.

Initially the company has chosen a Sharebot NG (filament FFF technology, Fused Filament Fabrication) and a Sharebot Spirit, a resin 3D printer with DLP technology (Digital Light Processing).

Now, with the advent of Sharebot Rover with LCD technology, Nove25 has renewed resin department with the last 3D printer of Sharebot professional line, a user-friendly tool with an high-quality surface finish.

Sharebot resins allow Nove25 to quickly create 3D models which will be fused and then the casting will be carry out. This is followed by finishing process.


As for any company which rely on Sharebot 3D printers, also for Nove25 cost and time savings are tangible and significant.

Just think to the realization of an ad hoc mold, with traditional technologies, for every requested custom jewel: costs would be exorbitant. With additive technologies costs are very contained. Also time saving is considerable, above all if the first project should be adjusted or modified. Through 3D printing you need also change pieces’ geometry and re-print immediately and with affordable prices; instead, through traditional technologies, you should create an other mold from scratch that means exponential growth of costs and time and obvious repercussion on time-to-market.

But the glariest advantage for Nove25 is to turn to end-users as a proactive manufacture, allow them to custom their jewel at most and above all to hold the prototype in their hands. In this way the client can handle a tailored prototype with correct dimensions, equal to the final product for details definition and so can see how his custom jewel will become.


“The aspect which gives me more satisfaction working with additive technologies is that the product designed by a team or an outside source like VIPs and clients could be realized in no time”, Nove25’s 3D designer Lodovico Bruno says. “But the fact that the product could be realized on short notice is a very desirable circumstance which you can find in a few works”.



Sharebot NG

Sharebot NG, Next Generation, is a professional and economic 3D printer available from €1500. Sharebot NG is based on FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) 3D printing technology.

The 3D printer is a working tool for professionals; it is a solid, Made in Italy and easy to use machine that can be used in many different working areas. This is the third generation 3D printers produced by Sharebot thanks its great experience and know-how and it is designed to be used by professionals looking for a great reliability printer.

Sharebot NG has an integrated heated printing plate with a 250x200x200 mm building area with a 0.04 mm nozzle: this features allow to work with different filaments like PLA-S (special PLA material developed by Sharebot, economic and easy to use), ABS-HF (a strong and professional-oriented ABS filament) and technical materials like Nylon-Carbon (charged with nylon and carbon, strong and resistant), TPU (a polyurethane, elastic and with memory form) and Poly.

Sharebot NG has an LCD screen dedicated to the printer operation management: once the SD card is inserted, the user can set up or modify any printing setting and mange the printing peocess thanks to the smart control knob.

The 3D printer is available in two model: mono or double extruder. The double extruder allows to print with two different materials on the same prototype, giving to the professional user the possibiliy to mix filament with different features. Sharebot Academy has a wide choice of 3D printing courses dedicated to learn all the Sharebot NG secrets so that the user can understand how to use the printer correctly.

Sharebot NG has the CE certification and it is Made in Italy.

Sharebot ng filament 3d printer

Sharebot Rover

Rover is a professional resin 3D printer with high precision and high print definition. It permits to realize 3D models, samples and prototypes through a rapid and efficent 3D printing process.

Small and compact, Sharebot Rover is the ideal working tool for every desktop and every office and it can be integrated in every working environment and every workflow because of its user-friendliness and its short lead time.

Sharebot Rover prints with a range of photosensitive resins with different technical properties developed by our R&D department. Sharebot resins coupled with the excellent printing resolution, make Sharebot Rover the professional tool useful to different qualified sectors and working environments.

Sharebot Rover allows to manage printing process and print queue through Sharebox3D web interface. User can get to different parameters: elapsed printing time, total estimated printing time, layer technical specifications, total number of layers and completion percentage.

Sharebot Rover