On tour in the most significant events of the 3D printing industry, in London and Paris, Sharebot introduces to the European market the new Sharebot NG 3D personal printer. Conceived as evolutional design of the already successful Sharebot Pro, this product is characterized by the precise targeting on a market segment: professionals and businesses that need an easy to use and inexpensively priced 3D printer with which they can make “proof” 3D prints and prototypes before the file is sent – if required – to professional printing services.

Supplied exclusively assembled and tested through a network of qualified resellers, Sharebot NG is made of materials like steel and plexiglass, with rectified steel bars and recirculating ball bearings to grant not only the robustness, but also the mechanical reliability that an easy to operate printer requires to offer consistent results across multiple prints.

This project sticks to open source rules for its firmware and open hardware for the structure and electronics; thank to Open Source, Sharebot developers were able to pick parts and solutions mixing them with their own designs, re-sharing the whole project with the community. The result is a device that can print directly the G-Code file stored on an SD memory card, without a computer connected, or it can be placed in a process where is part of the design, print, check and refine loop. In both cases, the LCD screen and its menus allow the fine tuning of all the functional parameters while printing.

The choice for direct drive extruders, with 1.75mm filament and 0.35mm nozzle allow a proper balance between speed and detail quality of the printed object. This is especially important for parts that not only have to look good, but also must be precise and reliable in sizes and geometry because are proofs of real mechanical parts or functional prototypes that need to fit into a complex design.

Versatility in materials and filament chemistry is another important aspect of Sharebot NG: the design and structure of its extrusion block grants a smooth and homogeneous flow even with the most demanding filaments. The wide range of temperatures supported allows for prints with PLA-WOOD, PLA-SAND, GUM, POLY, NYLON, CRISTAL FLEX and, of course, PLA and ABS. The heated bed, available as an option, is a further guarantee of the best printing results available in this price category.

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