aim 2018 sharebot 3d printers

This year too, AIM 2018 national convention is going on. And this year too, Sharebot, always by Italian Science and Macromolecular Technology Association’s side, is going to attend as a sponsor. And not only that.

The convention, which has reached the XXIII edition, will be held at Hotel Mercure Excelsior on Verga square, in Catania, from 9th to 12th of September, with the support of Polymers, Composite Materials and Biomaterials Institute, Chemical Sciences Department (University of Catania), University of Catania and Federation of Italian Employers, Italian Industrial Federation (Catania branch).

AIM 2018 programme provides for a 4-day event of conferences and sessions divided into 4 macro-themes: Molecular and supra-molecular design; Nano-structured, hybrid and composite polymeric materials, Polymers for new challenges: energy efficiency, health, agri-food, environment and sustainability; and Structure, rheology and properties of polymers.

Sharebot session is contained in the latter: from 5 pm to 5.15 pm of Monday 10th of September our company will talk about present and future of 3D printing, about the additive technologies which are revolutionizing prototyping and production methods, and about the evolution of materials used in 3D technologies.

In the context of AIM 2018 convention a prize will also be awarded to the career of emeritus professor Giorgio Montaudo.

AIM 2018: you’re all invited!