Sharebot de sharebot germania stampanti 3D professionali

We have been talking about it for weeks; Italian most influential economic newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore and the famous magazine 3D Printing Industry have been talking about it too: now Sharebot DE department, i.e. Sharebot Germany, officially opened its doors.

The four days of opening in the new Sharebot Germany showroom (located in Elbgaustraße 248, 22547 Hamburg) involved a big audience, insiders, university professors, researchers, experts on additive technologies, representatives of German SMEs and big companies, journalists, bloggers and our partner DMG Dental GmbH’s executives and employees.

Sharebot de sharebot germany professional 3d printers

Sharebot de sharebot germany professional 3d printers

Italian and international speaker after speaker referred to different aspects and applications of 3D printing: from success case studies determined by use of Sharebot professional 3D printers to 3D productions that substitute ‘classic’ productions through molds and castings; from Additive Manufacturing to 3D dental and orthopedic fields to Sharebot history and future projects of Sharebot Germany.

Sharebot Germany is the new frontier in industries 4.0 from North and East Europe: a serious and professional reference point for all the companies which want to invest in new technologies and excellence of Sharebot’s made in Italy to optimize and revolutionize prototyping and production processes.

If you want to contact Sharebot DE, you can write to

A view on Sharebot Germany showroom

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