Sharebot and Fowa SpA, italian leading society and main distribuitor of professional photography tools, present Print House, the program to connect the best digital printing technologies and the most innovative 3D printing systems. Those centers are spread all around Italy, creating a network of stores where it is possible to receive assistance by skilled and specialized experts.


Print House

Print House combines 3D printing and professional photography thanks to a common denominator: image. Users can print their digital pictures (both saved on smartphone, memory card or cloud services) creating collages, calendars, photo-books or use one of the many innovative supports like papers, canvas.

Inside every store the user will have to possibility to 3D print a model using a Sharebot 3D printer using different materials. The file can be created by the user himself or selected from a large database supplied by Fowa, available in every stores.

Other than the possibility to 3D print a project, Fowa’s Print Houses also offer many different services:
Like-Me© will create an action figure starting from a series of pictures (users will be helped by an expert to create a 3D model and start to 3D printing it).
Crystal 3D©, transform a traditional picture into a 3D crystal with laser incision.


Print House is spread on the entire italian territory in a selected group of Fowa resellers. Here it’s possibile to know where all the centers are and how to find them:

  • Ott. Paoletti di Paoletti M&C. – Piazza Maggiore 3, Bologna
  • Carmelo Bandieramonte – Via Musumeci 103, Catania
  • Photo Discount – Piazza De Angeli 3, Milano
  • Foto Diego – Via Selitto 7/9, Avellino
  • Foto De Angelis – Via Maggini 84, Ancona
  • Alla Rotonda – Via San Vigilio 7, Trento
  • VirtualFoto – Via Italia 34 H, San Vendemiano (Treviso)
  • FAP Foto – Piazza Martini 53/53A, Bastia Umbra (Perugia)
  • Photographic SRL – Via Vittorio Emanuele II 229, Frattamaggiore (Napoli)
  • Fotolandia – Via G. Vaccari 83, Vicenza
  • R.P. Reporter – Via Sette Martiri 8, Valdagno (Vicenza)
  • Fotospina – Viale Garibaldi 108, Pieve di Soligo (Treviso)
  • Nuova Colore – Viale Cesare Battisti 23/A, Treviso
  • Foto Ora – Viale Augusto 86, Napoli
  • Immaini SNC – Piazza Umberto 31, Bari
  • Foto Dotti – Viale Storchi 281, Modena
  • Foto Pandini – Via Garibaldi 121, Ferrara
  • MIO Foto – Via Acquileia 90, Udine
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