Sharebot.DE, presented by Sharebot in collaboration with DimensionAlley, is going to partecipate to its first german event: Erfurt FabCon 3.D from June 10th to 11th.. This is going to be the start of the company activty.

Sharebot.De was launched last week with a special event hosted by New FabLab Berlin. The company aims to introduce the “Made in Italy” product in the small and medium sized german enterprises throught the use of rapid prototyping systems like the Sharebot 3D printers.

FabCon 3.D is the one of the most important 3D printing events in Germany, an important platform for companies, start-ups and semi-professional users.

In 2013, it became the first trade fair in Germany to open up the world of 3D printing to prosumers and semi-professional users. On the exhibitor side, the event is aimed at suppliers and manufacturers of 3D printers, filament and 3D scanners, as well as 3D printing service providers. It attracts visitors from a variety of different fields including architects, fashion designers, artists, model builders, conservators, inventors and people working in the education sector.

Sharebot.DE will be there with all its products: Voyager, first DLP technology 3D printer by Sharebot, XXL, NG, Kiwi-3D and the full range of Sharebot filaments (ABS, PLA, TPU, Nylon).

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