Sharebot Big promotion: buy it within February 28th, it’s worthwhile

Our Sharebot Big is finally real. For a long time additive technologies market was waiting for a large format resin 3D printer which is simultaneously reliable, user-friendly, precise, professional and above all affordable.

It would be a pity not to take advantage of Sharebot Big promotion. Indeed, until February 28th you can pre-order the 3D printer with consumable products, tools and accessories at a very attractive price.

For many companies, from SMEs to Industry, using Sharebot Big promotion is the opportunity to renovate their own machinery inventory by including an highly professional and performing tool that can revolutionize workflows, production processes and rapid prototyping methodologies.

Sharebot Big is the laissez-passer to evolve into Industry 4.0. Thanks to its extraordinary 470 x 240 x 340 mm building volume, Big allows to create big size prototypes, but also to start a production without molds. It is a concrete solution that enables to reduce time-to-market, save money and obtain results qualitatively coherent with die-casting and injection.

Sharebot Big


Sharebot Big promotion, valid until February 28th, in addition to these professional tools

  • Sharebot Big 3D printer
  • CURE lightbox to polymerize resins
  • Washing tank
  • Washing tank’s spare parts

… offer to buyers, FOR FREE, also 5 Kg of D-HARD, the black resin with great resistance to tensile strength, 5 Kg of D-CLEAN cleaner and an accessory pack. You will save about 750€.

NOTE: Sharebot Big promotion has estimated delivery time of 30 days.

Sharebot Big resin 3d printer