Strengthened by the smoothly running manufacturing process of Sharebot Next Generation, the Sharebot Team has decided to take advantage of the two important industry events of London and Paris to emphasize its presence in the market as a reference player in the semi professional personal 3D Printers.

The two events of 3D Printshow see on the one hand the presence of all the companies who, for various reasons, are shaping the European market, while on the other hand it is expect a massive presence of professionals, companies and even fans which – demonstrating sensitivity and technological foresight – look at the world of 3D printing with the right interest. With such an environment, Team Sharebot could not miss the events. Sharebot NG confirms that Ambrogio, Andrea, Arturo, Christian and Matteo – the Sharebot Team – wish to contribute to the third industrial revolution providing – to those who want – what they consider to be the right tool.

The presence at the events in London and Paris is consistent with the original Sharebot’s marketing strategy, that introduces the product to the market through the active and direct presence in all the events in which the public is made of professionals and companies, although the European dimension of the 3D Printshow events represent a quantum leap and increased investment in human and financial resources.

We would like to remind you that the approach of Sharebot company and NG model is about easy printing with good quality, achieved thanks to the supply of an assembled, calibrated and certified product, with the printer profiles provided for the suggested slicing and printing applications. This allows the user to start printing immediately with the new printer, without setups or intricate parameter settings. This, of course, without sacrificing the ability to use applications other than those suggested thanks to the use of open source firmware, documented and available online for those who want to customize it.

During the 3D Printshows, the Sharebot team also starts the new campaign for the acquisition of qualified dealers; these are the backbone of the product distribution that – in Sharebot’s vision – must be run by qualified shops, close to customers and capable in the mid term to become service centres, close to our potential customers during presales and to our users after sales.


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