Sharebot Andromeda officially debuted during the first autumn european faires badged Sharebot on Tour 2015 (Dusseldorf’s Euromold, Birmingham’s TCT Show and Maker Faire Berlin).



The project is the result of a long time development where our researchers partnered with Bluecat’s team to create this amazing new prototype: a stereolithography technology 3D printer that completes the Sharebot’s offer. The result of this cooperation is a state of the art machine: 25x25x25 cm printing area (with many new patents ready to be registered), high printing speed, a 10 microns detail definition on X and Y axes with 5 microns on Z axis.

Thanks to its bigger dimension, Andromeda can be used to product jewellery and dental items; it can also realize functioning mechanical parts with the resistance and conistency tipical of the ABS material.


Research and Development

Sharebot R&D department is woking on a new ceramic-like resin which can be more reistant compared to the materials today on the market.

Developing new 3D printing materials is one of the main goal of our company: we think this process must go with the evolution of the machine so that the customer (professional or amateur) could enjoy a complete and satisfying user experience.

Sharebot is able to offer to its clients a range of 3D printer (professionals and economic) where every main 3D printing technology is rapresented: filament (Sharebot Kiwi-3D, NG and XXL), powders sintering (SnowWhite) and resins (Voyager and Andromeda). The company reached its first goal: we can offer to every small and medium enterprises the same technologies available for big companies at an affordable price!

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