Sharebot Academy presents new 3D printing courses, adding new ones about 3D modeling and jewellery making to the traditional workshops about 3D printers and slicing (Slic3r and Simplify3D) use.


3D modeling

New Academy course are dedicated to the entire printing process (from the design of the object to its realization) with the aim to optimize the user experience of everyone. These new modeling workshops will explore two of the most used 3D design software: TinkerCad and SketchUp.

Sharebot experts will show how to design a 3D model through the tools provided by both softwares. It’s important to notice the main differences between the programs: TinkerCad is the one dedicated to who wants to approach 3D modeling for the first time; SketchUp has advanced features: it allows to be completely free during the design process.

The courses aim is to give to our customers a complete education about 3D printing technology starting with the object modeling to its realization (thanks to the basis, advanced and Simplify3D workshops).



The other big news about Sharebot Academy is the jewellery course where the user will receive technical information, knowledges and know-how to create a real jewel starting from a 3D model drawn with Rhinoceros. The class will show the complete process (design, 3D printing, fusion and finish).

The workshop lasts 3 days and everyday our experts will talk about a specific theme so that the user will learn the process step-by-step, acquiring the needed tools and technical knowledges to create a jewel in a simple and quickly way.


Next events

First scheduled days are:

  • 17/11/15 – 3D modeling with TinkerCad
  • 26/27/28.11.15 – Jewellery course: from 3D model to jewel
  • 2/12/15 – Basis course
  • 2/12/15 – Simplify3D course
  • 3/12/15 – 3D modeling with SketchUp
  • 15/12/15 – Advanced course

For further information about the software, you can visit these websites (where you can also acquire the software license keys):

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