It’s online the Sharebot 42 website page.

42 is a professional user-friendly 3D printer of fourth generation which works with FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) technology to create high quality and precise objects, models and prototypes at the highest speed of its category with an innovative removable magnetic printing plate.

Unique features

To give to our users the best tools to understand the innovative 3D printing system introduced by Sharebot 42, we deceided to add on the website page many details pictures, immagines and captions: scrolling down the page it’s possibile to read about every printers features and every evolution made by our R&D researchers. All these news were made to give to our customers an ideal working tool that can be applied on every professional working office and desktop, making Sharebto 42 the perfect printer for professionists who want to use Desktop Engineering for their prototypes.

The Answer to the Ultimate Question about 3D printing, filament and every thing

Sharebot 42 will be officially presented Saturday March 5th at the DAMA (Digital Arts & Manufacturing Academy), placed in Corso San Gottardo 19, Milano.

During the event Sharebot will release more details about Sharebot 42 and its characteristics, presenting also another innovative product: 3D printing filament 3DPaper, eco-friendly, biodegradable and recyclible, derivated from real paper and developed by Sharebot researchers and professor Alberto Cigada from Next Materials developing center, a Milan Politecnico spinoff always at forefront of technology studies, research, development and applications.

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